Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Swing Easy...

MELLOW MONDAY!: Sept. 26, 2011

Fall is in the swing of things and so are the winds of change. The leaves, the weather, the clothes and the things that connect us on a higher level are all headed in the other direction on the pendulum. Its safe to say that we all go constantly from one stage of life to the next, getting over one obstacle just to discover that there is one on the other side to challenge us in different ways than we ever expected.

This has been life as usual for the past 24 years of my life, but Ive only been able to begin to understand and recognize the points of transition the last few years. I almost get excited now, because I don't ever know what to expect but it just keeps getting more and more interesting.

Right now I am back at another point where I know somethings coming around the bend and one thing Ive learned is that no matter what that "something" is, I am coming out on top. I just have to hang on.

This weeks jam comes from a band with cool mellow vibes straight out of the Mountains of NC. With a style of music that, in itself, promotes unity and harmony with its blend of different sounds and voices coming together, Common Foundation is building a foundation of its own that is sure to stand strong for years to come. So turn up your speakers and put on your favorite head phones, hold tight to the pendulum of change and always remember to swing easy.


Special Thanks to Courtney Hall for shifting my ears to the sound. Jam on lady.

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